Willkommen to my Blog

My name is Susanne, and I am a usability and experience design specialist and independent consultant living in San Francisco.

If there is something, that I actually do not have time for, than this is maintaining a blog.  But there are a few things, that matter to me and upon which I am reflecting. As for instance:

What actually is (user) experience design - and what is it not.

How to REALLY unlock the users mental model and create adequate UX design artifacts.

How to incorporate UX and usability best practices into product and development life cycles to bring great value to organizations and cross-functional teams?

I may also, here and then, write about the things that I enjoy when I am not helping to design great products. These are the things that help me to stay grounded: Cooking, yoga & meditation practices and exploring beautiful and interesting places and things — not only in the virtual world but on our beautiful planet earth.

PS.: I am not an English native speaker, so you may find typos and grammar mistakes in my writing. If you'll find them — feel free to keep them.