Wind of Change

User experience consulting is a important contribution to the change development within a organization. The UX Consultant transmits her knowledge and methodological capabilities to the client. In doing so, she is taking into account informal demands and tasks and teaches the organization how to recognize problems and solve them on their own. As an expert the User Experience Consultant is a change agent, who executes on both - the science and the change.

UX Designers find themselves not only producing deliverables and evangelizing UX but also trying to incorporate a user centered design approach into existing processes. As an User Experience Designer we already have what it needs to successfully drive the change in organizations - we know about the interface between human and systems. The question on how to positioning myself in my organization is ultimately nothing else than the question of how to design a good interface for a system. At the end it is always about humans who get things done. Just apply these principles of a successful UX process:

  • UNDERSTAND: Talk to your people
  • DEFINE: Evaluate their needs
  • DESIGN: Provide a solution
  • VALIDATE: Ask if they like it

I came across this article: "Use Your UX Skills on the Inside" that I want to share with you - it's a good read. The author describes the methods you can apply in detail and demonstrates how you can use your UX design skills to become a change agent in your Organization.

Enjoy the read!

Keep in mind - little steps can produce already big progress.