Supply Chain Finance

An SAP and AnyERP AddOn that makes every Accounts Payable and Receivable Clerk a Super Hero.

Taulia, San Francisco (CA), 2015

Taulia is an FinTech startup based in San Francisco. They connect the largest companies in the world to their suppliers to do business more efficiently. Through injecting technology into the supply chain, Taulia decongest the flow of money so that businesses can choose to get paid whenever they need cash most. While creating the product vision for the planned product relaunch I gathered user insights in order to identify gaps and help to define requirements.


Research & Discovery

To better understand Taulia's Supplier Customer's the team agreed to gather insights through user research. Poking around existing assumptions I conducted an workshop to create persona hypothesis based on task based audience segments. In close cooperation with stakeholder and decision maker I specified recruiting criteria and set up the research scope to validate those hypothesis, to evaluate user goals and identify gaps. Read more details about the persona process in this article in my blog.

Applied Methodologies:

  • Research Metaplanning
  • Survey & Interviews
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Affinity Diagramming
  • Proto-Persona / Design Persona

Specifications & Design

Based on insights trough interviews I described the Problem Scenario in order to identify system requirements to be prioritised with engineering and product management. User Journey's describing the users hierarchical task flow in order to define interface specifications that take into account the system requirements and user's pain points. Sitemap describes page directory and interface types and propose, together with low fidelity wireframe, the initial design that was validated trough user tests before carving out the production ready version.

Applied Methodologies:

  • Requirement & Claim Analysis
  • Problem Scenario
  • User Journey
  • Information Architecture
  • LoFi/HiFi Wireframing