Get 60 Minutes Free ONLINE UX Consulting

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You are a domain expert and know all about the backend functionality but you are not a designer?
You have build a great product but you don’t receive the feedback you hoped for?
Do you feel your design idea is challenged by stakeholder or partners?
You love your product, but it does not look quite professional?

While focusing on every aspect of business, functionality, and implementation it is very difficult to keep an unbiased view on your products usability and design. In fact, all you need sometimes is some unbiased feedback on an idea, bounce an idea off a neutral but knowledgeable expert, ask for a tip or simply just a nudge to help you overcome a mental block and look at your product or the issue you are trying to solve from a different perspective and with fresh eyes.

If this is you, you might be interested in a free 60 minute online consulting with me. This service is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to hire a design and usability expert for an extended period of time but needs pointed advice in all things design and usability. This includes start-up founders, entrepreneurs, product owner, venture capitalists and even other designers.

How does it work?

Once you’re ready, book your free 60 minute online consulting here to meet me via Google Hangout or Skype. I’ll reach out to you to determine what you need help with and do my upfront research (if needed) ahead of our session. After the call, you’ll receive a summary of the key issues and next steps discussed during our call. Et voila. Simple, useful, fast and without further commitment.

Why me?

I Have been working on products in cloud management, blockchain technology, ERP systems and SAAS/CRM. However, I am not limited to specific industries or technologies. I am not a subject matter or industry expert but a methodologist and a designer — throughout my work I gained transferable knowledge and I have most likely encountered a similar situation before. However, I maintain a fresh and unbiased perspective for every new project that I encounter. I’ve learned my trade and gained my experience with Fortune 500 tech giants and StartUps and have been working in close cooperation with engineering and product owner and thus fully understand the needs and constraints of development teams. It is essential to me to partner with subject matter experts and engineers to ensure that designs and flows are achievable.

The benefits:

  • Little time and resources commitment on your end
  • You get an independent usability expert perspective
  • Discuss ideas on how to improve your product
  • You get actionable next steps